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Sandslash and Nidoran

by ~rayechu on deviantART

by ~rayechu on deviantART

Where are all the other posters? Mods? Is anyone else here?

Raichu# 026

by ~rayechu on deviantART

Ugh I messed up the eyes ;.;


We found ourselves caught in a field when very suddenly a storm blew in. I know pikachu is electric pokemon but these ones did not seem to like all the lightning and thunder. I wasn't really sure what to do, but I always though pikachu were cute, and I didn't see a better chance at catching one anytime soon. I wasn't really planning on catching two pikachu, but the seemed like such a cute pair I couldn't really break them up. Anyway I threw some pokeballs and we raced to the next town to dry off.

by ~rayechu on deviantART

Yay, pikachu! I figure that is a bit like a milestone so there are not one, but two pikachu! I don't like the girl pikachu tails so mine doesn't have it.

Arbok #24

Nearby we found a momma Arbok watching over her eggs. I wonder if any of them are related to Shirley?

by ~rayechu on deviantART

My paper hates me. The watercolor paper got all gross when I got water on it. I didn't think I was saturating it THAT much. Maybe it is because it was the cheapest brand of paper?

Ekans #23

The weather is really heating up! During the early afternoon we rarely see an pokemon. I guess they are all taking shelter from the heat. Though it seems some pokemon might actually enjoy it! We did see a little ekans admiring the flowers. Fern and I were going to try and capture her but it turns out Shirley already belonged to a traner a few years older than me named Ben.

by ~rayechu on deviantART

Fearow #22

A fearow was flying around. It really didn't seem so scary either. It has such pretty plumage that I wonder if people ever bother them for their golden feathers.

by ~rayechu on deviantART

Hahahahaha dynamic pose fail. Wings are way too small, but I ran out of paper room. I thought it might come out cute if I tried to "chibi" it a bit, but it didn't work so well.

Spearow #21

I saw a pokemon in the grass that at first I thought was another pidgey, but it was a spearow instead. I know spearow can be pretty dangerous, there was an article about a child getting attacked by a flock of them several years ago. This one seemed nice but I kept my distance anyway.


I am 13% done guys! Also I have New watercolor pencils!

Raticate #20

Last night a raticate tried to sneak into camp and take back the amulet! I don't know why it seems so important, but I feel like we really must find the owner!


Rattata #19

Iris went running off into the grass. When I got there it looked like she found a little rattata with something shiny. I would have let the rattata keep it, but she ran off when I got too close. Iris seems very fond of the amulet but I don't know think we should keep it, as it isn't really ours. I'll carry it for now and see if we can find the owner during our journey.


Woo. Productive art day. Now time to go eat something! I don't suppose anyone recognizes the amulet huh?



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